About Us

Husband and wife team, Tim and Elisha, running a micro-bakery out of our home in Epping, Victoria. We are registered with the city of Whittlesea and have a separate baking space with a Rofco B40 oven. Tim has been a baker since leaving school and we are so happy to be providing people with true slow-fermented sourdough bread.

Our Sourdough
Our sourdough bread is made with only organic flour, water and salt using slow fermentation. Great bread starts with great flour. All our flours are organic and we incorporate different grains and stoneground flours. A Mockmill allows us to freshly mill grains for even more flavour and nutrition.

It all begins with our ‘mother’ starter that is fed twice a day. This is then added into a levain 10 hours prior to mixing. Doughs are autolysed, salt is added and then doughs are mixed. The dough is left for 3 hours at room temperature and folded at intervals. Dough is divided, has a rest and then shaped into bannetons before spending at least 20 hours in the fridge. They are then baked on the stone deck of the Rofco oven.¬†

We do not use any additives, even “natural” ones as a lot of these interfere with the process. We urge you to check all ingredients, even on organic labelled breads. True sourdough breads are made slowly. The slow fermentation breaks down hard to digest proteins such as gluten. Making them easier on your stomach. You can find more detailed information about additives on the Real Bread Campaign website.