About Us

Baker Tim and his wife Elisha run a sourdough micro-bakery out of our home in Melbourne’s outer North. We are registered with our local council and have a separate baking space with a Rofco B40 oven.

Our bread
Our sourdough bread is made with only organic flour, water and salt using slow fermentation. Great bread starts with great flour and all of the flour we use is organic/biodynamic. With our own little Mockmill we freshly stone mill whole grains including wheat, spelt and rye.
Doughs are first bulk fermented and then shaped and placed in bannetons. They then go into the fridge where fermentation continues slowly. This helps to break down proteins such as gluten and develop flavours. Our bread does not contain any improvers, ascorbic acid (Vit C), or oils.

Our pastry
Our pastry is made with all organic flour including freshly milled wholewheat. We use Australian cultured butter from Pepe Saya and to make sure the butter is the main flavour we do not overly sweeten our pastry. Our pastry is made with our sourdough starter and we do not use any improvers.

All ingredient lists can be found on each product on our order pages.